Biographically speaking:

My name is Benjamin Buchholz and I’ve just returned stateside after a year in the Middle East with my wife Angie and our two sons, Wesley and Jack.  I’ve been fortunate with regard to the intimate perspective my work and travel has provided into the cultures and the peoples of the Middle East.  I hope to share what I have learned — and share the evolution of that learning as I now enjoy some additional ‘edjimication’ at Princeton — with those who have a sincere interest in penetrating the veil the media casts over this region.   For more of my writing, see:


Shorter work

Credit for all photos (unless otherwise noted):  Angela Buchholz, who has an eye for beauty and humor.

Literary representation by Kim Perel of the Wendy Sherman Agency.


The opinions, stories, and any ‘lessons’ derived from my experiences have no affiliation with official United States policy.  The observations made in this blog are purely personal.  Likewise, if you choose to comment and engage in the dialogue I hope this site encourages, please refrain from overtly political statements.  My aim for this blog is inclusiveness, not divisiveness.


8 responses to “Bio/Disclaimer

  • John Oakley

    Nice looking site Ben. I hope that this accomplishes what you’re looking for. Do like the pix. Enjoy your travels!

  • dollycas

    I too write a blog and love to feature Wisconsin Authors. I would love to receive a review copy of your book. I saw the article about you in the Daily Citizen. I live in Fall River. You can email me at I look forward to hearing from you!


  • David Jesmer

    My God–imagine my surprise when I read my Washington Post a few days ago and saw your book review. I couldn’t quite be certain that it was you, so I did a Google search today. And now that I’ve read what you’ve been doing and are doing, I am even more surprised. Way to go, Ben! I guess your band didn’t pan out?

    Say ‘hi’ to Prof. Carl Brown for me–he mentored an awful lot of Army FAOs over the years.

    Perhaps we can communicate more in a private email.?.

    Got to order your book (and get back to work).

    COL(ret) and now simply Dave Jesmer

    • Benjamin Buchholz


      I sent an email privately to you as well but, here, for more public consumption let me just say thank you for inspiring me as my first Arabic teacher and as the first FAO I met. I would certainly not be in this career now if it weren’t for your example and the great stories you told about ICT and DLI. It has been a long, strange path to get here compared to the ‘normal’ military career but one I certainly don’t regret.

      Great to reconnect with you this way!

      -MAJ Buchholz

  • Nate Becker

    MAJ Bucholz,
    I heard about your most recent work and after finding the article in the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen just had to find your website! WOW–is about all I can say. I am looking forward to my copy arriving via shortly! When you can, shoot me an e-mail at — I’d love to talk more and hear more about your awesome experiences!

  • Anita

    Mabrook on publishing your novel. To my surprise, I ran across your book in a pre-pub review on Self Awareness. I searched the library catalog right away and found it in the Waupun Library. I am half way through it and I find myself holding my breath for what is coming next.

    If you are ever back in Wisconsin or doing a book tour, our library (Beaver Dam Community Library) would love to host an author visit or reading.

    Many blessings in your future writing,

  • Gordon Stello

    Just a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style.

  • Jeffery Hess

    Hi Ben, Long time, no speak. Hope you’re doing well. Sent you a message on Zoetrope’s Z-mail. The new anthology project is on and I’d like to discuss a story with you if you’re still interested. Best, Jeff

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