Spring Has Sprung


While I haven’t been able to locate the dastardly song-bird, my son is driven up the very same tree by his niece and two-neighbor girls, perhaps in response to a juvenile form of the same vernal imperative.

(. . . a brief and spontaneous post to keep NQR alive; rendered in apology for and acknowledgment of the term papers that still mire me in their convoluted and painful production.)

While it takes a rather heartless observer of the world to have very much at all negative to say about spring (other than incessant gloomy, rainy weather, mud in all its various forms, the effects of pollen on one’s allergic rhinitis, etc. etc.) one specific complaint must be aired here.

A love bird has decided to perch, every morning at 4:10AM, in the branch of a tree adjoining my second story bedroom window.  The bird emits a lovely, syncopated warble, mellifluous, the perfect harbinger of the forthcoming rising of the sun.  But this occurs far, far too early in the morning and far, far too regularly.  One would like to open one’s bedroom windows on a cool spring evening, to fall asleep to distant thunder and the gentle patter of nighttime rain.  But one does not like to wake at 4:10AM thereafter.  One does not.

I’m sure the bird is lovely.

I’m absolutely convinced that this time of year the impulse to sing sweetly from the top branches of my tree cannot be mastered in his heaving little breast.

I’m sure my early-morning curses and ill-wishes for the creature’s courtship are ogre-ish to the extreme.

But this bird is NQR, the very definition.


3 responses to “Spring Has Sprung

  • Tom

    You are turning into an old crotchety bastard! Welcome to the club 😀 I think the real problem is that you aren’t drinking enough before bed…2 Scotch minimum for me. After that, a tornado siren 10 feet away would have a difficult time waking me.

    • Benjamin Buchholz

      When I self-medicate to any degree, I snore. Even one beer. So I think if I were to drink two scotches I’d solve the problem doubly: first, I’d sleep like a baby and, second, I’d be sleeping on the couch anyway, downstairs, where the noise of this vile little songbird wouldn’t reach me.

  • Bev Jackson

    Once in L.A., an entire population of mocking birds resided outside my bedroom window. The entire apt. complex was kept awake every night for weeks. I understand that in an earlier season, one former tenant took his shotgun into the night….sure glad I wasnt there then. But I wrote 20 poems about longing mocking birds. Now there’s an idea for you…:-)

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