Ghost in the Background?

Okay, this post is more ‘freaky’ than truly NQR.  I’m not going to attempt any sort of cultural parallel with the Middle East or commentary on US/Western culture.

This is just a post about a photo.  A really weird, creepy photo.  I took it on my phone.  It’s my son and father-in-law.  My son is a fishing freak right now, so while my father-in-law and I explored the state park on the Pennsylvania side of the Washington Crossing (the Delaware) State Park, we let him try his luck in the Penn Canal.  When we returned from walking around the graves of the 26 Revolutionary War soldiers who died during the Christmas encampment on this site, I took a picture of my son and father-in-law, looking back toward the general direction of the memorial site.

A few days later, after sending a copy of the photo to my father-in-law, I got a text from him:  “Check out the ghost in the background.”

He’s a prankster, so I was a little skeptical.  Had he altered the photo?  But, I went to my phone (where the original file was still saved) and zoomed in on the spot.  Here’s what I saw:

Here's the main photo, untouched, unmodified in any way.

The ghost might not be apparent right away, but look above my son’s shoulder in the tree-line!

Here’s a close-up:

Dark shadowy form on the far bank. Gravesites approx 200m deeper in the woods.

And, an extreme close-up!  Although I’m pretty sure this is just a shadow from the late afternoon winter sun, it’s weird to see that the ‘ghost’ has color — fleshy tones in his face, blue in his coat, and a tricorn hat on his head.  Maybe also a cape and a rifle in his right hand.  Couldn’t look more like a Revolutionary War soldier!

Extreme close-up on shadow. No computer editing except zooming in.


The hair is standing up on the back of my neck even now!



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