Turkeys in Turkey

Do two rights make a Not Quite Right?  That’s the question today, as we head into this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend of family togetherness and feasting.

You'll just have to take my word for it: this picture WAS taken in the country of Turkey!

Turkey and Turkeys.

We chanced on these two beautiful specimens in the city of Ulu Deniz, on the south Mediterranean coast of the country of Turkey, while parking our car just off the downtown beachside boardwalk.  This was the ONLY time we ever saw turkeys ANYWHERE in the Middle East or Africa.  It was almost meant to happen, meant to be, the two gobblers strolling into view when our camera was ready.

It answers that ages-old grade school question, or giggle-worthy joke, about whether Turkeys come from Turkey.

Right now, at this time of year, its certainly comforting to think about both items:  the warm beaches in the mouthwateringly-named country and the warm, tender roast of bird that will soon find its way onto my plate.


5 responses to “Turkeys in Turkey

  • Alex

    Awwww, I remember these guys! Happy days:)

  • Hilary

    Hi Ben .. I posted about the origin of Turkeys … “… turkeys in the Americas were first encountered by the colonising Europeans and were originally thought to be a type of guinea fowl (also known as turkey fowl) due to the overland route from Africa, via Turkey through which they were introduced to Europe, hence the name which stuck.”

    But you and your son might be interested in the Turkey film .. about your wild Turkeys in the Florida Everglades .. it’s a wonderful film .. it’s on You Tube – but I wrote a post about .. as the idea of this biologist imprinting with these turkeys just amazed me – I was hooked from beginning to end.

    Anyway – have a great Thanksgiving today with family and friends .. and I’ve popped over from Mason canyon – where she did a review of your book .. enjoy today – Hilary

  • guitta

    I have always wondered about the relation between Turkeys and Turkey….
    now you;ve answered my question !!!!!

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