Bad Hotel Name

Of all the NQR items I noticed during the course of my explorations throughout the Middle East and the surrounding areas, none are quite as not right as the four I’ll include in this series — business names gone awry.

The reason these names seem so poignantly incorrect must be firmly attributed to the western perspective brought to them.  Surely they can’t have been intentional.  Surely the business owners must have had good reason for choosing such names.  Surely they must have been (and must still remain) blissfully ignorant of the associations an American, or a European, will likely make with their chosen labels.

Anyway, here is the first:  Hotel ‘Clytemnestra’ near Mycene in Greece.

Clytemnestra was the (perhaps mythical) Queen of the Mycenaens at the time of Homer’s epic Iliad.  Sister to the famous Helen and wife of Agammemnon who was the leader of the Greeks at the seige of Troy — she murdered her husband in his bathtub when he returned (after 10 years) from his adventures.

Hotel advertisement near Mycene, Greece. Photo taken by Bridget Buchholz.

Now, admittedly, Agammemnon provoked Clytemnestra both by being absent for so long and by bringing his new young concubine Cassandra with him in his chariot to the doorstep of his palace.  However, this doesn’t dull the shiver in my spine at the thought of a modern-day hotel that not only calls itself Clytemnestra but also advertises a nice warm bath to the world weary traveler!

It’s also worth noting that having a bath is a mark of distinction for hotels in the area — a legitimate point of comparison and surely an attraction for most hotel-goers.


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