Middle East Water Issue

I think I’ll tell this Not Quite Right story through pictures, rather than words.  Just a few clarifying details upfront:

1.  This is not your standard Middle East water problem.

2.  No children were harmed in the process of taking these photographs.

3.  Mughsayl Beach is located about 40km southwest of Salalah, Oman, about as near to Yemen as a person can safely venture now days.


My son, Wesley, checking out one of many 'attractions' at the Mughsayl Beach


I join Wesley. We can see down into the hole to a rather frightening depth and can feel a breath of air on our hands.


Ya, Allah! -- a better scare than any ride at Great America!





2 responses to “Middle East Water Issue

  • Aflah

    hello..mate…what a nice pictures….i like the first two notes…keep writting plz

  • hilarymb

    Hi Ben .. I’ve come over from Mason Canyon’s blog and her review of your book .. which sounds fascinating and I’d love to read one day.

    Whoooosh .. isn’t that fun – or perhaps frightening depending on what’s underneath the bridge of land left …

    Your son must have loved it .. Happy Thanksgiving .. and good to meet you .. cheers Hilary

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