Glittering Jesus

Jesus' feet barely visible amid a clutter of gold, directly above the rock called "Golgotha" where the crucifixion occured.

Now, I’m not a scholar of Christianity by any means but my understanding has always been that the life of Jesus was filled with humbleness and love and a distinct abhorrence for greed and wordly possessions.   For instance — the episode where he expelled the money-lenders from the Temple.

This scene, on the other hand, which I witnessed in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on that very same Temple Mount in Jerusalem (the church was actually built on the spot where Jesus is said to have been crucified) is the antithesis of such plain and unadorned beauty.  In fact, the gold, jewels, marble and incense hangs so thick around the spot that the crucifix itself can barely be seen.  Throngs of sunburned religious tourists do not help, either.

For me, personally, something simple, spare, austere and in accord with the message Jesus preached would be more fitting.  As it stands, this place, this church, with its Byzantine decor, seemed to be far from holy.  In fact, the whole experience of visiting it came off for me as Not Quite Right.


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