Camel Invasion

Camping in the desert with friends, my sons were very lucky to experience some semi-wild camels up close and personal.

The group of camels (pod? posse? flock?) moved past the campsite at close to dusk.  The animals were very interested in the children.  Some of them approached the kids, stared at them, and even played with them, nodding their big heads in time as the children ran around and jumped.

Jack watches as 'his camel' rolls in the sand.

One camel in particular seemed very interested in my youngest son, Jack.  Not only did he put his head on Jack’s head and pose behind Jack as pictures were being taken, but he also took a long ‘sand bath’ in a pit of what must have been especially comfortable dust as Jack, quite amazed, watched him.

The best part was that these animals returned through the campsite the next morning, just about at dawn.  And Jack’s camel recognized Jack, approached Jack again, and the two of them had a long stare at each other.

Back home, in Wisconsin, we hoist our backpacks and food into the trees at night to keep away the bears and we count ourselves as lucky if we see deer or moose or beaver.  To spend this kind of time with the wild animals in Oman was, I think, All Right.


2 responses to “Camel Invasion

  • Bev Jackson

    Lovely for the children — and adults too. Camels can be nasty but I think that may be only in captivity? Or saddled up by harsh owners.

  • guitta

    Nice shot,Benjamin….
    your kids are having the experience of their life,unforgettable memories..!!!!

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