Camel Crossing

Roadsign near Ras al-Had, Sur, Oman.

I come from a part of America where hitting deer is a real problem.  I’ve struck several myself, including two at once.  The Wisconsin roads are littered with dead bambis.

Other places, like Alaska and Minnesota, have a bigger problem on their hands when moose wander out from the forests.

But nothing back home tops a camel for sheer bulk and destructive power.  The camel is doubly dangerous compared to normal roadkill because a car (unless its a Fiat or an MG and slips clean beneath the swaying belly) will make contact with the animal right square on the front windshield, sheering it off.

And, be careful, they spit.



One response to “Camel Crossing

  • Amalia Spaulding

    Hey Ben 🙂

    Cool blog!
    I just got an email from Ron’s Mom with the link to your blog.
    Congratulations on your book! You must be so excited about it.

    I do not have a blog, but our little Yorkie, Neeko has one :o))) so I’ll follow your blog from now on thru his.
    Glad to learn that you guys will be home for the family picnic this year 🙂 Maybe we can sit down for a game of chess.

    “See you” around,
    Amalia 🙂
    P.S. Welcome to blogville 😉

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